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Debt Mediation


YOUR BUSINESS NAME specializes in representing a business in the restructuring, negotiation and liquidation of problem business debt.

• OUR OBJECTIVE – To reach a negotiated restructured amount with a creditor or the attorney or collection agency representing a creditor, on behalf of a business debtor. Every endeavor is made to restructure a business debt for between 30% and 70% of its value.

• THE PROCESS – YOUR BUSINESS NAME and the client meet together to review all facts regarding the debt origination. YOUR BUSINESS NAME then undertakes an analysis using its copyrighted system and will then contact the creditor(s). YOUR BUSINESS NAME then negotiates then restructures the amounts using our specialized systems.

• THE COST – No Result, No Fee. If we do not reach a restructured amount to your satisfaction, you pay nothing. We are paid on performance only. Our fees are based on a modest percentage of the money saved in the restructuring.

Creditors have attorneys and collection agencies to turn to when there is a problem with an account receivable. Who does the business debtor have to represent them when there is a problem bill or a cash flow crunch?

Business is just too complex these days to do it all yourself. Especially as it’s a no success, no fee situation; we have to be good at what we do! Take our effort, and at our expense try us first.